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Morrighan Films is looking busy for the coming year. We are in post-production for Our Pagan Heart, an intimate look at what our faith means to us, and what our lives would be like in a village where Christianity and the industrial revolution didn't happen. We filmed for 2-3 days near every Sabbat from Imbolc 2011 until Yule 2012, with a wonderfully talented collection of volunteer crew and actors. This is a labour of love for the production team, and the actors. But even passionate volunteers needed food, equipment rentals and transportation, so we would like to extend our gratitude to the many donors that have made filming of this dream a reality. But we're not done yet! There are still costs involved in editing the many diverse scenes shot over more than a year into the orgnic whole envisioned at the beginning. YOU can help! Morrighan Films is accepting donations of production funds to help finish this film. Please click the link below to make a donation. Thanks!

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Women Waiting


We have recently finished filming a horror/ comedy short entitled “Cold Feet” starring Dwayne Desveaux and Melanie Eldridge, as well as one of our favourite actors, Douglas Connors. We are also happy that Morgan Blackbyrne was able to join us again.

Dwayne and Kira

Morgan, Dwayne and Doug

Cold Feet will premiere at a micro film festival in May 2011

Morrighan Films and Sagesse Productions (a registered Aboriginal Business) are working on a documentary that will shock most Canadians. Attawapiskat First Nations reserve, and many others, live in conditions of appalling poverty; hopelessness and crisis; third world conditions in a first world nation. Narrated by Craig Lauzon, and introducing Irkar Beljaars and Rosie Koostachin.

Apartheid Nation: Join us on our journey to expose Canada’s dirty little secret, the first in a series on native crises in Canada today. Please see the Director’s and Producer’s blogs for more details.

"Me, my Mom, and a Whistle" , an independent feature length comedy was shot in the Ottawa area in September 2010. Based on the successful stage play by Lisa Meuser, and directed by Gemini nominated Scott Eldridge, it's sure to be a hit.

Me, my Mom, and a Whistle is an offbeat comedy, targeting a male & female audience, 19-34 years of age.

Attached: Scott Eldridge (Co-Producer/Director) of The Night Watchman has directed seventy music videos. His feature length drama has been Licensed to Movie Central, Independent Film Channel Canada, and Rogers First Rites. His music video for Liberty Silver's "Lost Somewhere inside your love" was nominated for a Gemini award. Some of the Artists he has worked with include Tragically Hip, Downchild Blues Band and The Paul James band. His directing credits also include a feature length documentary Bridges/New Friends, which was filmed in and around Florence Italy.

Current Projects

Morrighan Films was one of thirteen production groups involved in 2007's Digi 60 competition.

We wrote, filmed, edited and submitted our five minute civil war epic, "A Civil War", within sixty days. It was extremely challenging, but luck was with us, and we managed to film the entire thing in one fourteen hour day. We even got different weather for the different scenes, so that the war was shot in heavy rain, the homestead in glorious sunshine. Huge kudos to the cast and crew, who worked their butts off. It paid off at the screening, which was attended not only by the film crews and their friends & family, but by industry personnel as well. Some of those involved were: Laszlo Sijarto (as the evil brother), Morgan Blackbyrne (as the good brother), Kristina Kolmar (as the woman everyone wanted), and Tevon Kolmar (in his film debut). Also, Tim Harbinson (weapons and explosions), Jason Tetro (director), and Marie Douville as PA and general help.

Morrighan Films has recently completed work on two films for other production companies. We supplied makeup artists, actors, and technical crew.

“Answered Prayers”, a short by Arrivista Films, saw Laurie Stewart working as production manager, Lazslo Sijarto as audio and Nicole Lavigne as fight coordinator.

“Corporate Kidnapping”, a feature by Infernal Trio Productions, saw Laurie, Lazslo and Nicole reprising their roles. But we also had the pleasure of seeing our actors take the three lead roles. Laurent Castellucci, Douglas Thew and Kristina Kolmar, with others of our company filling in as background performers.

We are currently in principal photography of a documentary on Paganism in Canada, and a music video. We are in development of several scripts and series concepts, and marketing two feature scripts and a TV sitcom.

The weekend of August 20-22nd, 2004, saw Morrighan Films shooting their second short film, this one a murder mystery. With a combined cast and crew of seven, we again finished on schedule and on budget. “A Little Cabin in the Woods” was shot on location at Whispering Pines Campground in Curran, Ontario.

See photos Kristina Kolmar and Laszlo Szijarto practice a violent scene here Director Laurie Stewart tries to get the field monitor working and Laszlo Szijarto Doing Sound

This summer Morrighan Films produced their first film, a 10-minute short intended for the festival circuit. It was a 3-day shoot, using 2 actors and 1 location, and was finished ahead of schedule and on budget. The film, entitled E-Stalkings, will be available on CD this fall.

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