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Morrighan Films plans to work exclusively in digital formats, and concentrate on low budget, character driven works. Morrighan Films operates like a repertory theatre company, utilizing not only the same roster of technicians and writers, but also many of the same actors. This year we also started providing these services, and actors to other production companies

Our Founder:
Laurie Stewart is the daughter of a career military officer and saw more of the world before she was ten, than most of us ever will.  To survive moving to a new location every six to twelve months, Laurie developed an active, even over-active, imagination.  But what caused endless trouble in school, serves her very well as a writer.

Laurie spent the first ten years of her career as a stage actress, with roles in such diverse productions as Shakespeare's "As You Like It", and "Jesus Christ Superstar".  Acting is still her first love, and she recently appeared in a short film produced by the Independent Film-makers Co-operative of Ottawa.

Laurie is a producer for outside film projects as well, including Sagesse Productions documentary “Canada: Apartheid Nation” Sagesse Productions , Me and My Mom Productions Ltd feature comedy “Me, my Mom and a Whistle” Me, My Mom, and a Whistle, and is currently co-producing Valley Wind Productions feature drama “Through the Looking Glass”, a steampunk take on the classic Alice in Wonderland books. Valley Winds

Laurie is also one of the founding partners of Sustainable Films, a new film-making and film support initiative for greener filming in Canada.

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